Traveling as a couple.

Relationship Goals: Traveling as a Couple

Often time, you see on social media couples who wander around the globe using the hashtag #RelationshipGoals.

Now you are suddenly thinking about something new, risky, and adventurous with your significant outer.

It’s not all laughter, hugs and kisses on the get go as a lot often goes behind the scenes, something that YouTube or Instagram will not tell you off the bat.

With that said, here is what you need to do if you wish to travel as a couple.

1.      The partner checklist

You and your partner are attempting sojourn across continents which is why it is best to know each other’s finer points first before making an itinerary.

What makes them tick? What are their habits and quirks? What are they allergic to? All those have to be considered.

That way you can be able to supplement each other’s shortcomings while maximizing tendencies.

This also helps you cope with changes commonly associated with drifting around.

2.      The travel checklist

Creating an itinerary before traveling is very important. It is not only money that you have to budget but also time.

It is wise to strategically make a projection of how long you intend to spend time at a particular place and how much money you might possibly spend.

Also, do not forget that part of the planning process is saving for it in advance, especially if you are an expat traveler looking for a new place to stay.

3.      Communication is key

Just because you are traveling beside your partner every step of the way, that doesn’t mean communication must be neglected.

Even people in the Primitive Age had their ways to communicate and vocabulary was almost non-existent back then.

Communicating has never been as easy as in this present day and time. It’s just a matter of productively utilizing it.

4.      Laugh is cure

It’s cliché to say “laughter is the best medicine,” but it really is. If toxicity is bad bacteria, laughter might as well be the good one.

Crack a joke, smile and laugh even on your worst day, spread the good vibes. If people see that you and your partner are happy, good attitudes are contagious.  When others see this they will follow suit.

In order words, don’t take things too seriously!

5.      Not everything are rainbows and butterflies

Just because you are crossing out relationship goals, that does not mean there wouldn’t be any roadblocks. Things will not always go as planned and you need to accept that.

The test of patience is vital to personal growth. Learn to accept the things you could no longer change.

This includes the facts of life such as busy schedules and fatigue.

6.      Loosen up because you are not at home

Consider travel to be you and your partner’s fresh start. That means both of you wouldn’t always be how you usually are when at home

Travel is about exploration so don’t be surprised if one of you suddenly appears to be more outgoing elsewhere life as opposed to when at home.

Whether out of respect or just mere exploration, your partner may find themselves immersed in the new culture they are to experience.

This does not necessarily mean they have changed as a person. It’s just that travel bug biting all of us.

7.      Don’t compare yourself to others

Cliché but makes sense. There’s no sense comparing yourself to other traveling couples because the purpose of you and your partner traveling is to create your own story.

Struggles on the road aren’t documented by couples on social media so chances are, they already are going through what you and your partner are. They just don’t show it.

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